YVR as RBI Deputy Governer

Public Enterprises And Economic Reforms – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Osmania University Department Of Commerece On December 27, 1996 At Hyderabad.

Dec 27, 1996


Competition In Indian Banking : Issues And Implications – By Dr.Y.V. Reddy, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank Of India At The 19th Bank Economists Conference At Mahabaleshwar On December 18, 1996.

Dec 18, 1996


Prospects For Saving And Growth – By Dr. Y.V.Reddy, Deputy Governor At Lalit Doshi Memorial Foundation Lecture Organised By Department Of Economics, St. Xavier’s College, Under The St. Xavier’s College Series At Mumbai On December 16, 1996.

Dec 16, 1996


Gold In The Indian Economic System – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Gold Economic Conference Organised By The World Gold Council At New Delhi On November 28, 1996.

Nov 28, 1996


Economists And Public Policy – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The 80th Annual Conference Of The Indian Economic Association (Amrit Jubilee) At Osmania University, Hyderabad On December 29, 1997.

Dec 29, 1997


Public Debt: Current Issues – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Chennai On December 27, 1997.

Dec 27, 1997


External Debt And Economic Reform, Seminar On New Opportunities In Global Finance – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Bangalore.

Nov 18, 1997


Monetary And Credit Policy: Issues And Perspectives – By Dr. Y.V.Reddy At Mumbai On November 17, 1997.

Nov 17, 1997


Financial Sector Reforms And RBI’s Balance Sheet Management – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Bangalore On November 14, 1997.

Nov 14, 1997


Indian Financial Markets : New Initiatives – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Delhi On November 5, 1997.

Nov 05, 1997


The Future Of India’s Debt Market 1997 – By Dr Y.V. Reddy At Mumbai On October 9, 1997.

Oct 09, 1997


Indian Banking Second Phase Of Reforms Agenda And Issues – By Dr. Y.V.Reddy At Mumbai On October 8, 1997.

Oct 08, 1997


Exchange Rate Management : Dilemmas – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Goa On August 15, 1997.

Aug 15, 1997


Gold Banking In India – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy.

Aug 02, 1997


Capital Flight : Myths And Realities – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Center For Economic And Social Studies, Hyderabad, On June 21, 1997.

Jun 21, 1997


Monetary Policy And Prospects For Investment In India – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Adam Smith Seminar On “The Outlook For Emerging Markets : The Middle East/The Indian Ocean”, Paris On June 11, 1997.

Jun 11, 1997


Financial Sector Reforms In India – Recent Trends – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Illinois On May 12, 1997.

May 12, 1997


Competition Policy In A Global Economy – Address By Dr. Y.V. Reddy, Deputy Governor, RBI At A Seminar Sponsored By Confederation Of Indian Industry, National Council Of Applied Economic Research, GF-IBA (UK), CIS (Canada) And World Bank-EDI (USA) At New Delhi On March 17, 1997.

Mar 17, 1997


Budget And RBI : New Directions – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Hyderabad On March 8, 1997.

Mar 08, 1997


Banking Soundness, Monetary Policy AndMacro-Economic Management: Random Thoughts – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Valedictory Address At Bank Economists’ Conference At Bangalore On December 18, 1998.

Dec 18, 1998


Development Of Debt Markets In India- Speech By Y. V. Reddy.

Dec 05, 1998


RBI And Banking Sector Reform- Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Dec 05, 1998


Restructuring Of The Public Finances And Macro-Economic Stability – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Outline Of Presentation Made At The Meeting Of Select Economists On December 4, 1998, At New Delhi.

Dec 04, 1998


Managing Capital Flows – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar At Asia/Pacific Research Centre, Stanford University, USA On November 23, 1998.

Nov 23, 1998


Financial Sector Reform: Review And Prospects – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Conference On “Growth, Governance And Empowerment: The Future Of India’s Economy” At University Of California, Santa Cruz On November 20, 1998.

Nov 20, 1998


RBI And Banking Sector Reform – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad On November 14, 1998.

Nov 14, 1998


Infrastructure Financing : Status And Issues – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Workshop On The Role Of Financial Institutions In The Development Of Infrastructure At Planning Commission, Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi On November 11, 1998.

Nov 11, 1998


Managing Capital Account- Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Nov 11, 1998


Development Of Debt Markets In India· – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At Paris On November 2, 1998.

Nov 02, 1998


Managing Capital Account – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Hyderabad.

Oct 01, 1998


Indian Economy: A Retrospect And Prospects – By Dr.Y.V.Reddy At Tirupati On August 14, 1998.

Aug 14, 1998


Venture Capital And Technology Development In India – By Dr.Y.V.Reddy At Bangalore On August 2, 1998.

Aug 02, 1998


Venture Capital And Technology Development In India – By Dr.Y.V.Reddy At Bangalore On August 2, 1998.

Aug 02, 1998


Asian Crisis : Asking The Right Questions – Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Jul 03, 1998


Interest Rates In India : Status And Issues – Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Jul 03, 1998


Inaugural Address To Technical Group On External Debt Statistics – Speech By Y.V.Reddy.

Jun 06, 1998


Monetary And Credit Policy-Continuity, Context, Change And Challenges – Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Jun 06, 1998


Interest Rates In India : Status And Issues – By Dr.Y.V.Reddy At Mumbai On June 3, 1998.

Jun 03, 1998


Inaugural Address – Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

May 30, 1998


Monetary And Credit Policy Continuity, Context, Change And Challenges – By Dr.Y.V.Reddy At Chennai On May 2, 1998.

May 02, 1998


Asian Crisis: Asking Right Questions – By Dr. Y.V.Reddy At New Delhi On May 1, 1998.

May 01, 1998


Economists And Public Policy – Speech By Y.V. Reddy.

Mar 30, 1998


Inaugural Address – Primary Dealers Association Of India – By Dr. Y.V. Reddy At Mumbai On March 23, 1998.

Mar 23, 1998


State Finances And RBI Initiatives – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Administrative Staff College Of India, Hyderabad On February 28, 1998.

Feb 28, 1998


Key Note Address At The CII Seminar On “Emerging Scenario In Foreign Currency Management – By Dr. Y V Reddy At Mumbai On February 20, 1998.

Feb 20, 1998


Future Of Rural Banking – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University Auditorium Public Gardens, Hyderabad On December 4, 1999.

Dec 04, 1999


State And Market: Altering The Boundaries And Emerging New Balances – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At Indian Institute Of Economics, Hyderabad, On August 16, 1999.

Sep 08, 1999


Development Of Forex Markets: Indian Experience – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The 3rd South Asian Assembly, At Katmandu, Nepal, On September 3, 1999.

Sep 03, 1999


Inflation In India : Status And Issues – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Centre For Economic And Social Studies, Hyderabad On August 17, 1999.

Aug 17, 1999


Discussion Paper On Universal Banking And Beyond – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On “Harmonising The Role And Operations Of Development Financial Institutions And Banks”, On June 28, 1999.

Jun 28, 1999


Corporate Governance In Financial Sector – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Workshop On “Corporate Governance In Bank And Financial Institutions” At World Trade Centre, Mumbai On June 14, 1999.

Jun 26, 1999


External Debt Policies In Emerging Economies :New Dimensions – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On Corporate External Debt Management Organised By CRISIL With Participation Of The World Bank And Ministry Of Finance, Government Of India, At Kathmandu, Nepal, On June 11, 1999.

Jun 11, 1999


Monetary Policy In India : Objectives, Instruments, Operating Procedures And Dilemmas – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Fourth Securities Industry Summit, Organised By Invest India Pvt. Ltd., At Mumbai, On May 26, 1999.

May 26, 1999


Securitisation In India: Next Steps – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On Government Securities Market, In Chennai, On April 17, 1999.

Apr 17, 1999


Euro And Its Implications For India – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On Eurocurrency And Its Implications For India, At ASSOCHAM, New Delhi, On February 20, 1999.

Feb 20, 1999


Issues In Fixed Income Markets – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On Fixed Income Markets, Organised By National Stock Exchange And ISMA At Mumbai On February 11, 1999.

Feb 11, 1999


Development Of Money Market In India – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Fifth J.V.Somayajulu Memorial Lecture, At Madras, On February 1, 1999.

Feb 01, 1999


Fiscal Reforms At State-Level :Review And Prospects – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At India States Reform Forum Organised By The World Bank, At New Delhi, On November 24, 2000.

Nov 24, 2000


Pension System In India :A Central Banker’S Perspective – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,In The Session On Governance And Regulatory Issues In Pension Reforms In South Asia, Of The Pension System Reforms Conference, Orgnaised By Asian Development Bank Institute At New Delhi On November 24, 2000.

Nov 24, 2000


Government Budgets, Banking And Auditors: What Is New? – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Festival Of Thoughts, Annual Conference Of The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India, Hyderabad Branch, On November 12, 2000.

Nov 16, 2000


Indian Economy : 1950; 2000; 2020 – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Vivek Vardhini College, Hyderabad On October 30, 2000.

Oct 30, 2000


Fiscal And Monetary Policy Interface :Recent Developments In India – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At &Quot;Workshop On Budgeting And Financial Management In The Public Sector&Quot;, In John F. Kennedy School Of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. On August 10, 2000.

Sep 20, 2000


Capital Flows And Self Reliance Redefined – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Chennai On July 13, 2000.

Jul 13, 2000


Analysing Economic Policy And Sourcing Reserve Bank Of India – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The Workshop Organised By Andhra Pradesh Press Academy On July 8, 2000 At Hyderabad.

Jul 08, 2000


Issues In Managing Capital Account Liberalisation – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Commonwealth Secretariat – World Bank Conference On Developing Countries And Global Financial Architecture, At London, On June 23, 2000.

Jun 24, 2000


Operationalising Capital Account Liberalisation : Indian Experience – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The Seminar On Capital Account Liberalisation: The Developing Country Perspective, At Overseas Development Institute, London, On June 21, 2000.

Jun 22, 2000


Managing Public Debt And Promoting Debt Markets In India – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Asia Debt Conference Organised By Finance Asia.Com At Hong Kong On June 20, 2000.

Jun 20, 2000


Changing Role Of RBI: Agenda For Attention – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai, On June 13, 2000.

Jun 13, 2000


Pro-Poor Growth: New Realities And Emerging Questions – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At A Seminar On ‘The New Social Policy And Poverty Agenda For Asia And The Pacific’ By The Asian Development Bank, Chiang Mai, Thailand On May 5, 2000.

May 05, 2000


Credit Rating : Changing Perspectives – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Osmania University Arts College Seminar Hall, Hyderabad On April 8, 2000.

Apr 08, 2000


Bretton Woods Institutions In 2000 – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The Andhra University, Waltair On March 18, 2000.

Mar 18, 2000


Budget 2000 And Fixed Income Markets – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The First Annual Conference – Action Plan 2000 – Organised By FIMMDA And PDAI At Goa On March 4, 2000.

Mar 04, 2000


Monetary And Fiscal Policy, And Poverty, AndPublic Policy: What Is New ? – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The International Seminar On January 18, 2000, At The Institute For Social And Economic Change, Bangalore.

Feb 25, 2000


Banking In Future : Flexibility, Autonomyand Regulatory Refocus – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Conference Of Chairmen Of Banks At NIBM, Pune, On January 7, 2000.

Feb 25, 2000


Legislation On Fiscal Responsibility AndReserve Bank’S Role : Some Issues – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Workshop On Fiscal Responsibility Of Government, On February 15, 2000, Organised By National Institute Of Financial Management, Faridabad, Haryana, At India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Feb 15, 2000


“Is Inflation Dead” – Some Comments – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The National Council Of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi On December 17, 1999.

Feb 02, 2000


Developing Government Securities Market : Some Issues – Dr.Y.V. Reddy,At The Seminar On Government Securities Market Organised By Primary Dealers Association Of India, At Calcutta, On January 4, 2000.

Jan 04, 2000


Autonomy Of The Central Bank : Changing Contours In India – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Indian Institute Of Management At Indore On October 3, 2001.

Oct 03, 2001


Primary Dealers, Debt Markets And State Finances : Challenges And Responses – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Seminar On The Future Of Government Securities Market In India Organized By Primary Dealers Association Of India, At Bangalore On September 22, 2001.

Sep 22, 2001


Reviving Confidence In The Indian Economy – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The First Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture Sponsored By University Grants Commission And Organized By The University Of Hyderabad, At Hyderabad On September 5, 2001.

Sep 05, 2001


Communication Policy Of The Reserve Bank Of India – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The 150th Anniversary Of The Reuters Group, At Mumbai,On August 28, 2001.

Aug 28, 2001


Fiscal Transparency And Beyond – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,To Members Of The Managing Committee Of The Indian Merchants’ Chamber On July 17, 2001, At Mumbai.

Jul 17, 2001


Issues In Implementing International Financial Standards And Codes – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Centre For Banking Studies Of The Central Bank Of Sri Lanka, Colombo, On June 28, 2001.

Jun 29, 2001


Issues In Choosing Between Single And Multiple Regulators Of Financial System – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Public Policy Workshop, At ICRIER, New Delhi On May 22, 2001.

May 22, 2001


Globalisation And Challenges For South Asia – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation Lecture At Kathmandu, Nepal On May 19, 2001.

May 19, 2001


Indian Agriculture And Reform :Concerns, Issues And Agenda – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Conference Of Indian Society Of Agriculture Marketing At Vizag On February 3, 2001.

Apr 27, 2001


Developments In Monetary Policy And Financial Markets – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Madras Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, At Chennai On April 24, 2001.

Apr 24, 2001


Financial Sector Reforms : An Update – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The 53rd Annual General Meeting Of The Indian Banks’ Association And The 13th Annual General Meeting Of The Banks’ Sports Board On March 15, 2001 At Mumbai.

Mar 19, 2001


Implementation Of Financial Standards And Codes: Indian Perspective And Approach – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At Conference On International Standards And Codes Organised By IMF-World Bank At Washington DC On March 7-8, 2001.

Mar 15, 2001


Central Banking In The New Millennium* – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Bank Economists’ Conference Organised By Oriental Bank Of Commerce At New Delhi On January 17, 2001.

Feb 09, 2001


India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves : Policy, Status And Issues – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At National Council Of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi On May 10, 2002.

May 10, 2002


Monetary And Financial Sector Reforms In India:A Practitioner’s Perspective – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Indian Economy Conference, Program On Comparative Economic Development (PCED) At Cornell University, USA, On April 19-20, 2002.

Apr 19, 2002


Public Sector Banks And The Governance Challenge:Indian Experience – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At World Bank, International Monetary Fund, And Brookings Institution Conference On April 18, 2002 At New York City, USA.

Apr 18, 2002


Economic Reforms And Evolving Role Of RBI As Banker To The Governments – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Conference Of The Silver Jubilee Celebrations Of The Indian Civil Accounts Organization, At New Delhi On April 3, 2002.

Apr 03, 2002


Evolving Role Of Gold – Recent Trends And Future Direction – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At Conference Organized By World Gold Council At New Delhi On March 21, 2002.

Mar 21, 2002


Developing Bond Markets In Emerging Economies : Issues And Indian Experience – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At The Asian Conference On March 11, 2002, Jointly Hosted By FIMMDA, PDAI, And Thai BDC At Bangkok.

Mar 11, 2002


Legal Aspects Of International FinancialStandards : National Law Perspective – Dr. Y.V. Reddy,At BIS, Basel, Switzerland On January 23, 2002.

Jan 23, 2002


Indian Banking : Paradigm Shift In Public Policy – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The Twenty-Third Bank Economists’ Conference Organised By Indian Banks’ Association And Hosted By Allahabad Bank At Kolkata On January 16, 2002.

Jan 16, 2002


Parameters Of Monetary Policy In India – Dr.Y.V.Reddy,At The 88th Annual Conference Of The Indian Econometric Society At Madras School Of Economics, Chennai On January 15, 2002.

Jan 15, 2002